The Boardroom Expo

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The Boardroom Expo is an annual celebration stored at the OCCITAN Fair and satisfaction Center in Orange State, California. It is a three-day job show that features seminars, training courses, and highway show evaluation booths, moreover to a huge selection of board-related booths. Attendees should buy surfboards for half away retail rates, while understanding the latest fashion in the industry. In conjunction with learning about the newest trends, the Boardroom Expo will give delegates a chance to network with sector leaders and purchase boards by great special discounts.

The Boardroom Expo may be the perfect venue for any organization that needs to number a board-related event or is interested in learning about developments in the industry. The vacation Resort Stevens Level — Seminar Middle is the ideal location with regards to boardroom events, with 38, 500 square feet of meeting space for up to three hundred people. When you’re considering having a boardroom event at the expo, make sure to examine many other options available at the hotel.

The expo is also home to an informational session known as Boardroom Speaks. It features former SURFER Magazine manager Chris Mauro. Mauro shows the businessman the basics showing how to build a business00. Boardshaper is actually a cloud-based business software application that connects business owners. For anyone who is interested in learning more regarding Boardroom Expo, visit their website for more information. The Boardroom Expo is a unique possibility to network with entrepreneurs available world and meet the individuals that make them good.

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